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It is a widely acknowledged fact that when a person is busy, many issues, thoughts, and emotional processes are suppressed in favour of putting focus on mental capacity. The result of this is often years of undealt emotional issues and suppressed traumas that later manifest in a person’s life through stress, chronic disease, and mental imbalances.

However a fulfilling and meaningful life can be created without driving yourself into the ground with stress. A Digital Detox® Retreat provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can relax and learn now to manage your Tech-Life balance effectively. 

Next Digital Detox® Retreat is November, 23-25, in Perth. 

We help you to slow down.  We remind you to look up!

In an era of constant technological acceleration an innovation, an over-abundance of screen time, information overload, tech-driven anxiety, social media everything and a constant sense of FOMO (fear of missing out!) - many have referred to us as the Ultimate Rejuvenators! Contact Us for further details



It's all too often that we've seen the impact of technology on our own lives, and repeatedly witnessing the impact of technology on the lives around us. All too often, couples, siblings, relatives, and friends have failing relationships due to increased use of technology. Many are more immersed in their relationship with technology than they are to the people around them, often failing to recognize the innate needs of others. Whether it’s a son or daughter spending the entire day on x-box, the Wife that never logs off Facebook, or the teenager that can't stop binge-watching series (stats have shown that more than 22% admitted to binge-watching series instead of doing schoolwork) we are all privy to the grips of technology in some way or another.

When does enough become enough?


Having a personal assessment of technology use not only helps create a realistic scale of the potential damage to family relations, but can assist in improving the lifestyle of a family. The assessment can create new, exciting and meaningful ways for a family to connect and re-establish the harmony that existed in the past.  Contact us for further details.

Corporate and Teams

When teams are anxious and individuals have difficulty concentrating, productivity levels always suffer. That's why Corporate Retreats and Workshops are an excellent way to motivate and inspire your team to take a much-needed technology break! Sending your colleagues on a Retreat has fantastic benefits. Teams have the opportunity to bond and learn how to be more productive, which enhances collaboration and reduces Company costs. Digital Detox® Retreats can be specially designed to cater to the needs of your organization. Whatever your request is, we can find a way to ensure that everyone has a productive and rewarding stay. Team retreats help to enhance the sense of camaraderie, and happy employees work harder! This is not just about unplugging but also about helping the team to connect in a real way, not just via Instant Messenger chat! Having the team as a support system for each other raises the moral in the office, which also creates a healthier environment for everyone.

We'll help your team develop tools and strategies that bring balance into their day to day, with lifestyle techniques that focus on keeping them grounded and connected, even in the most stressed or overwhelming situations. 

Taking the team on a Corporate Digital Detox®  Retreat is the perfect way to get that productivity increase you need. Contact Us for further details.


Our Retreats & Education tools for Schools help students learn about the consequences of misusing their digital devices, and we also teach them the art of communicating without technology! In a world full of emoji's, students are losing the ability to explain the complexity of their emotions verbally. Teaching children vital communication skills is a critical part of tech detoxing. It enables them to be better persons and friends towards each other. Our Retreats and Education tools help students to not only understand the risks of technology but the importance of building real-time relationships. In recent studies, children were found to have a lower self-esteem due to issues such as Facebook bullying. Students are taught that their self-image and self-esteem should not be determined by technology.

Students will learn how technology can have a negative impact when over-used, and alternative ways to switch off by engaging in real world activities.

Contact us for further details