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“Rejuvenate the spirit”

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Connecting with nature is vital to reconnecting with our inner selves, and decompressing from a busy week. It is mostly vital as an antidote to technology overload. The health benefits of spending time in nature, as a form of digital detox, is immense. Not only does it significantly de-stress and relax the mind, but helps rejuvenate the spirit. There are many well-documented benefits to spending time in nature, such as an improvement in short-term memory, with many people finding improvements in memory after taking short ten minute walks daily. The science is simple, oxygen kicks the body and circulation into action, thus causing a decrease in headaches and fatigue, which in turn creates the more clear vision, and decreased levels of inflammation in the body. One study showed that students who spent two nights camping in the forest had significantly lower levels of cortisol - the stress hormone. The decrease in stress and an increase in circulation also creates a significant boost in the immune system. One of the most significant improvements that were found for those who do digital detoxes by spending time in nature is an increased level of focus and concentration. It was found that in test studies that participants who spent time in nature as a break, had increased levels of concentration after the break, as opposed to those who did not. This also stems over to children who suffer from ADHD, who showed significantly more levels of calmness. Perhaps the most significant change noted is an increase in happiness and overall satisfaction with life, and some would say that spending 10-20 minutes a day in nature is critical to have a quality of life. For those who suffer burnout from technology overload, having a more extended break such as attending a detox might be more necessary to have the proper break and relaxation that is needed. Many people take holidays that leave them sitting in hotel rooms, yet being immersed in nature is what makes the difference. This is why so many people still feel tired and fatigued when they return from holiday because they haven't switched off properly. Switching off correctly, through a digital detox retreat allows the mind to truly disconnect from the stressful pressures of the world. It's vital to take time to evaluate and re-assess life without having a phone making noises every moment, so having an annual break is essential to healthy living and quality of life. Many people struggle to find secluded areas of nature where they can relax, and that where detox retreats come in. A nourishing and relaxing space of non-judgement, helps you to let go, without fear of what others might think, allowing you to re-connect with yourself, without fear of prejudice.

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