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"Re-Gruv Yourself"

No matter if you are musical or not, we have got something for everyone. The question is Are you ready to give yourself the time and energy to fully participate, enjoy at decompress at the same time? If so, join us for out next Digital Detox Retreat at Moondyne in Perth WA. We have a number of activities for people to choose from and learn new skills.

Drumming is an excellent way for everyone to learn listening skills, self-awareness, co-operation and patience. It is an immediate form of expression. It is a way to communicate emotion without the words.

Our facilitators focus on creating a social connection between individuals. Everybody's contribution is acknowledged and everyone is supported within the drum circle. During our retreat we will run a drumming circle workshop as a wonderful way for participants to connect with each other and with themselves in an inclusive and fun environment. Watch the video from Human Rhythms.

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