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Nomophobia – a fear of being without the phone

Every day the average human being swipes on their device 26 times and spends up to 2.5 hours online. 'Information overload' is a term that many people are familiar with, as more than one-third of the world has access to technology. Technology addiction is real, with an increasing amount of people struggling to mentally 'switch off' as needed. While technology is essential to working and operating in the 21st century, the negative impact has been largely unexplored until recent years. With the sudden technology boom of the past 30 years, technology is something rapidly growing, with humanity still grappling with the full implications at the same time. More scientific and research studies confirm the same thing; that left unmanaged, technology can impact our lives in many ways, thus making it more essential than ever to switch off and detox. For many, switching off is not that simple. Many people have experienced an increased fear - Nomophobia, of being without their phones. This means that while most people want to switch off, they find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle. Even though many people take an annual vacation, many people see that it's not enough, and find themselves thinking about and pondering work on their vacation. It is becoming more and more critical for people to detox, and yet many people lack the know-how and need expert guidance over what steps to take. For some, it’s as simple as re-assessing their life, for others, a retreat or mindfulness practices can be helpful. With the fast pace of modern life, technology is showing no signs of slowing down at all, and therefore finding ways and techniques to cope with information overload is both critical and vital.

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