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Childhood now and then - oh, things have changed since the 80's

I can't believe how my childhood was different to the one my children are having. Things have changed significantly in just the last few decades. Even though I grew up in a Communist Country in the eighties, which doesn’t seem that long ago, a lot has changed in the way we raise our children. By today’s standards, my parents would have been hauled down to children’s court on multiple offenses. However, at the time, these things were perfectly acceptable:

Way back then my parents would left us frequently at home alone. We never had a babysitter. Ever ! Including on school holidays, we would be alone at home all day ! SO many exciting things happened! One day we played a table tennis on our dining table in the kitchen and broke some glasses. Mom shouted at us but we were still allowed to play.

Way back then, my mom and dad were hardly ever helping me out with homework. They were also not involved with schooling and hardly ever asked. We just didn’t discuss it much. When I went on truancy, they never knew, and I don’t think school ever told about it.

Way back then, I would walk myself to school from age of 5. It was only couple of blocks away. My parents would leave for work early by 7am and we had to get up, eat the breakfast they did for us, dress up, lock the house and walk ourselves to the school. Nobody was checking upon us.

Way back then, we loved playing on construction sites over the weekends. There was a construction site nearby and we would get organised in a group and had one of us leading a tour. We loved it and just had to tell parents where we were going and they were fine. There were no playgroups back then. There were no screen time at all !

Way back then, meals and snacks were handled differently. You want a snack? – I am sorry we are eating a lunch in an hour, so you have to wait. Also, nobody really cared for what kids were eating.

I m not saying one childhood is better than others. But I am just hoping my kids would look back into their childhood one day and feel proud of the time they had, like I do.

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