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15 Terrifying infographics

An interesting infographic from Daily Infographic about the 15 terrifying statistics on mobile addiction.

I can't believe that 1 in 5 millennials admit to using their smartphones during sex, whatever happened to wondering what colour you were going to paint the ceiling?

Like many other people, I’m inseparable from my phone. There aren’t many places I go without having a connection to the outside world. But did you know that the average person checks their cell phone over 100 times a day?

40 percent of people check their cellphones while using the bathroom, and a shocking 1 in 10 people use their phones in the shower. (I guess waterproof cases are there for a reason.)

1 in 5 millennials admit to using their smartphones during sex, and almost 60% of people check their phones before falling asleep.

Terrifyingly enough, 3 in 4 people say they have texted at least once while driving, and 56% of parents check their phones while driving.

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