Upcoming Digital Detox® Retreat with Education & Tools 23rd – 25th Nov 2018

Moondyne Centre, 630 Wanaka Road, Lower Chittering, WA 6084

Redefining what it means to be connected is the best way that we can inspire, motivate and cultivate a mindful collective, where a person is living to the fullest potential. Unplug & Play recognizes that while connectivity is necessary, how connectivity is managed is even more critical.


You think you might be addicted to your phone? Or using Social Media too much during the day & night? Have you found yourself being stressed a lot? Or lethargic? Have you found any difficulties with falling asleep?  Has your relationship been suffering a lot lately too? Do you feel tired, in pain or unmotivated?

Give yourself a holiday by unplugging from technology for 48 hours and allowing yourself to be quieter and more relaxed. We are offering you one of the most amazing spaces for reflection and contemplation, with some great activities! Our workshops will help you to find what's important for you and perhaps refresh what you actually need to focus on now. Check out below for some details about the program and email us should you have any more questions.


  • Decreased stress

  • Greater peace of mind

  • Lowered Blood Pressure and Heart-rate 

  • More clarity and focus

  • Improved sleep

  • New found energy and creativity

  • Reconnecting with what's important

  • Decompression, Reflection, New Perspective

  • Education and tips/tools for managing your digital life

  • Insights from First-hand Experience

Price: $695 per person (early bird until end-Sept 2018) 

What's Included:


Off the grid accommodation in a superb location with stunning views over the Avon Valley. Shared room in a cottage or a chalet with access to the swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games and walking trails


“3D Venetian Style Mask” art workshop to allow participants to experiment and develop their creativity under the guidance of a Community Artist who will encourage and inspire their own individual style and ideas

Homemade food

Homemade food that tastes delicious and provides you with all the energy you need. We cater for all tastes including meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans - just let us know if you have any food preferences (or food allergies) when you book


“Re-Gruv Yourself” drumming session focused on creating a social connection between individuals. Everybody's contribution is acknowledged and everyone is supported within the drum circle. It’s an excellent way for people to improve listening skills, self-awareness, co-operation and patience. 


Together, we will learn about new ways and methods to live with, utilize and manage technology with the intention to create a balance for ourselves between living a healthy and fulfilled life and getting work done. 



Find your inner calm with Yoga & Meditation sessions throughout the weekend.  Suitable for all levels beginner to advanced.

RETREAT SOLD OUT!! - Contact Us for details on future Retreats in 2019

** Digital Detox Retreat Program is a mix of structured and free time with opportunity for personal reflection as well as group retrospection. With a range of community activities from yoga, drumming, art, walking to group discussions, it is inevitable that we will all make some deep connections with one another, perhaps even friendships for life. However these new connections won’t be based on our Facebook post, Instagram picture we liked or a job level but on a shared experience with incredible impact.

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