In this modern world, with more technological connectivity ever experienced, people are more disconnected than ever. However, what is the cost of the physical, mental and spiritual impact of technology on our day-to-day lives and well being? The ability to remain balanced between the hustle and bustle of daily living is critical to maintaining focus.

Here at Unplug & Play, we provide a variety of Services that help even the busiest of individuals to find a space of serenity in their daily lives. With Services to suit Individuals, Families, Companies, Teams and Schools we have something for everyone.

It's so easy to feel overloaded and distracted when there's so much going on, but thankfully, there is a way to break free from the chains of technology.

Every year, more and more people experience the phobia of being away from their digital devices, but here at Unplug & Play, you can learn how to re-create how you think and see technology. The philosophy of "play" is deeply linked to the ontology (science) of being, which is critical not only towards mental health and wellness but creating a new social etiquette, coping mechanisms, reflective meditation and learning to 'let go' which allows the mind to adapt to the technology-driven world.

The UnPlug & Play Team

Austin & Iwona met in 2015 at a 10-day meditation retreat and were both amazed at the feeling of peace and wellbeing following 10 days without any digital devices!  They both loved their tech but realised that the over-use of phones and laptops was impacting too much on their real life - affecting relationships, mental performance, emotional wellbeing and career opportunities.

Since then Austin & Iwona have been making regular changes in their daily lives to get the most from their tech without compromising on real world participation.

"Setting Sundays aside as a Technology-Free Day gave us breathing space from the 24/7 always-on digital world & allowed our family to get together and enjoy a variety of real world experiences" ........Austin

Austin & Iwona decided to set up UnPlug & Play to share their passion for Tech-Life balance with others that need inspiration and support in managing their digital world.

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